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Read With One Eye Open
Indylander Convention @ IJ
Indylander Convention @ LJ


AmyW.'s Scrap-A-Lot
Nienna's Mind
Maxine's Coffee Express Bar
My Monumental Hubris
A Lot to Learn
VoyCaPtive's Ramblings
Lisa's Journal
Shady Satin (Val's LJ)
Reunions and Connections
Vita, Pensieri, Parole
Starry nights over desert sands....
Figments and other assorted dementia
Tui's Place
Echo's Spellbook
Echo Libre
Wyrdradio's World
In brightest day, in darkest night...
Stewardess' Private Journal
Stewardess Fanfiction
Persephone on Her Journey to Hades
Elaur's LJ
Eruthiadwen's World
The Very Secret Diary of Jenwyn of Mirkwood
Jenwyn's Fics
Off in my own world, it's ok, they know me here
Heart of Slash
Same smeg, different galaxy
Alexa's Journal
The Light Pours Out of Me's Journal
Perving this party 8 days a week.
Confessions of a Dangerous Mind
lithelegs' LJ
Silly, Slashy & Sappy
The Elysian Fields... Only heros wind up here....
lisa roquin's LJ

Private Journals

"It's not about boys and girls, it's about hotness."
Better Living Through Rareslash
I'm With Stumpy
her hands don't go to the moon
Good Idea, Bad Idea
Wankerific Wanking
Attraction makes the strangest bedfellows...
Jack's House of Buggery
Magna civitas, magna solitudo
Canon's Helpless Bitch
Dork Tidings
BanaBloom Love
I'm going to hell in a Ferrari. Floor it, baby.
Fleur_De_Mort's Journal
snowflake25's Journal
sparkly_green's LJ
Give me a bad boy. (Kymscrazy's LJ)
A Tale of Two Divas
Alucard's Kitten LJ

Fic Comms

A Cedric/Harry Slash Community
Brains and Brawns: Warren Peace and Will Stronghold
Mac/PC OTP!'s Journal
Mal/Simon 'Shippers
We're all going to the special hell (Firefly OT3)
Firefly Slash
Titans Together!
Justice League Fanfiction
Batman Fanfiction's Journal
To Timfinity... And Beyond!!!
Tim and Kon Fans
DC Central
DC Flash Fiction Community
DC Fic On Livejournal
comicbook based fanfiction's Journal
X-Men slash fiends
(Pornish Pixies) The community you wank off to.
Twisting the Hellmouth Lite
Sunnydale Conspiracy
A Slash Odyssey
Banalando - The Eric Bana/Orlando Bloom Community
Bana-Bloom Fanfiction Contest
Troy Real Person Fic
Crack Van: Multifandom Mobile Addiction
Voyager in Seven Days
Black Hawk Down Fic
Black Hawk Down Slash
Cuddlefuck: For All Things Hoot/Todd
McKay/Sheppard Slash
Red Gumballs
Numb3rs Don't Lie
Numb3rs Flashfiction
The Mac Taylor & Danny Messer Slash Community
My Two Heroes (Matt/Mohinder)
The Original JackxIanto Fan Community
The Brian/Justin (QaF) Fanfiction Community


Slashers Cook!
The Friday Five
Movies in Fifteen Minutes
It's a Puppet-Paluza of Joy
Harry Potter Puppet Pals' Journal
Daily Scans
LotR Stillness
Buffy Stillness
Karl Stillness' Journal
Orlando Bloom Stillness
Orlando Bloom Hush
Fellowship Stillness
Bean Stillness' Journal
Harry Potter Stillness
Star Wars Stills
Pirates of the Caribbean Challenge
10 Variations of Stargate
Troy Icons
We hate Anime
Sean Bean Daily's Journal
Eric Bana Daily
Orlando Daily
Cap It!
You know you want to RightClick! Lick!
Hi-res Hunks
Paint Shop Pro 7 for Beginners' Journal
Paint Shop Pro Help Group (All Versions)
100x100 brushes
Icon Help
Helping icon makers one tutorial at a time.
Icon Extras ; resources for icon n00bs and icon experts alike!
Brush Addicts' Journal
Providing Custom Gradients for your Icon Pleasure's Journal


Tweak Says.... (enter quotes here)
Read With One Eye Open (My IJ)

Personal Journals

Stewardess' Private Journal
Persephone's IJ
Boondock_girl's IJ (Elaur from LJ)
Telesilla's IJ
Darkrose's IJ (Eggplant Mike)
pornographer's Journal
Rage/Confusion (Te's Journal)
Caia's Journal
hammil77's Journal
Araestel's IJ - Substitute People
Oddities and Insanities
pollybywater's Journal
Nienna Ciryatan's Journal


Refugees from Strikethrough 07's Journal
Stewardess Fics
Telesilla's Fan Fiction
lisa roquin's fic and art
The Bloody Layouts! (Layout Help)
With Regards to Persephone (Perse's Fic Asylum)


Dreamwdith Studios
Read With One Eye Open (My Dreamwidth Account)

Personal Journals

Adafrog's Nuthouse
Darkrose's Journal
Telesilla's Journal
Shrift's Journal
Nestra's Journal
Polly B's Journal
Maxinehouse's Journal
Caia's Journal
Ixchel55's (Dawn) Journal
Lisa Roquin's Journal
Stewardess' Journal


Chez Rozilla (telesilla and Darkrose's Fanfic Comm)
Two Men For Marraige (2m4m)
Crossover Fanfic Across the Universe!
Dreamwidth Maintenance
Dreamwidth News
I can haz fandom (macros)
Torchwood Flashfic


Slash Fan Fiction on the Net
Minotaur's Site
The Parlor
Slash Sluts Archive Warning Page
FanFiction.Net Profile : Ped
skyehawke dot com - v2.1
The Wonderful World Of Makebelieve :: An Original and Fanfic library
Desiderium Caritas
What Makes the Desert Beautiful
LegacyWeb - The Unofficial Poltergeist: The Legacy
Carmel Covered Carioca's page
lisa roquin's fanfiction
Delusions :: Marcus Cole & Neroon Slash Fanfiction!
Obi-Ani Fiction Index Age Check page
Firefly's Glow Archive


Updated Regularly

Bite Me.... Please? (At Wayback Machine)
Near Her Always
Unnatural... The Dawn/Connor Buffy Writer's Guild Zone Site
Twisting the Hellmouth
Temporary TTH Home
Virtual Season 8

Personal Archives

Welcome to The Hellmouth Chronicles!
Crazed Wanderings
Kiss or Kill Entrance
Seduction of Red and the Zeppo
Saber Shadow Kitten's B:TVS page
Shoot Me, Stuff Me, Mount Me...
~~No One Knows...~~
the Cursing Ferret :: foul-mouthed and loathesome little creatures
Jeconais' Website :: Latest News

Group Memberships

Riley Finnatics
Graham Crackers
-g r a h a m c r a c k e r s-
Buffy Basher's Anonymous
Lindsey McDonald
One Hell of a Love: Enter

Willow Centric

Temptation Embraced
Willow's Laire
Soulmates to the End of Time
Willow's Heart
Fire & Ice Fanfiction
Angel of Mine: Willow/Angel Fanfiction
The New Place Where Forbidden Love Dwells
Fever of Fate: Willow Fan Fiction
The Labyrinth
Fire in the Blood
Welcome to Spikes and Clydesdales!!
- i n e r t i a -
A Devil, A Witch, and An Angel
Quiet is a Good Thing
Willow's Guys
It Just Screams Love
It's Always the Quiet Ones...


Cartoon Network: Justice League
CFAN: The Comic Fan-Fiction Authors Network
The X-Men Movieverse
X-Men: The Movie Fan Fiction Central
Wolverine and Rogue
The Comic Book Slash Index
Titans Adult Archive
'rith's Homepage
Welcome to the Potatoverse!
Kicking n' Byting
Birds of a Feather
Yellow On Black
Themed Response
On the Wings of Imagination
Fonts of Wisdom -- Pryde&Wisdom/Excalibur (and more) Fan-Fiction
un(frozen) - it's what's for dinner.
Slashing Out!
Red, Red Robin - a Tim Drake site


Kathy's Fan Fictions
Welcome To the Fanfic Castle!
SoapZone: General Hospital Fan Fiction Message Board
Saras General Hospital Fanfiction
Dominiqua's World of General Hospital Fan Fiction
Lucky and Emily Believers | Main Page
Dreamylyfe's General Hospital
Dontia's Fanfiction
Ynette's Fan Fic Page
Extended Family - main
General Hospital Fan Fiction: The New Millenium
Brandymeagan's site - index
Angels - Bushlaboo's Fic Site
Deb's Fan Fiction
Rebel's GH FanFiction Page

HP - FanFic in All Shapes & Sizes!
Welcome to The Sugar Quill!
The Fat Lady (Gryffindor Tower)
:: welcome to ::
A Family Affair - The Weasley Incest Archive
Ink Stained Fingers - a Harry Potter Slash Archive
The PSA // harry and james slash
Potions and Snitches :: Snape and Harry Gen Fanfiction Archive


Drover's Run Part 1 - By Paula Mackey
The Less Than Legendary Journeys
The Ksmithares Archive
Thamiris' Odysseys and Ecstasy
The Empress' Homage to Ares, God of War
Shamenka's Slash Page!
The Joxerotica Archives
Iphicles slash fiction site
The Cupie Homepage!
Ashera's Archive
Romance Down Under
Hercules After Dark
Lunacy's Fan Fiction Reviews
Jen's Iphicles slash fiction site


Across The Pond | QAF Archive
Boys of Babylon -- Brian and Justin
Moon Shadow Tribe
Defensive Walls
Midnight Whispers
goingCOMMANDO { fanfiction by magz }
Brian and Justin Fanfiction :: BJFic's Archive


Area 52: The HKH Standard (SG1 Slash Archive)
Wraithbait :: Stargate: Atlantis Fanfic
New SG-1 episode guide
Welcome to jd_divas: Homepage
Jack & Daniel's Place
Versaphile `` Stargate SG-1 Rec--Thon
Heliopolis: SG-1 Fan Fiction Archive
GateWorld | Your Complete Guide to Stargate!
Wormhole X-Treme :: Stargate SG-1 & Atlantis
Stargate SG-1
Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis Screencaps
Mom's Kitchen


Superman Homepage
Smallville Fanfic resources (home of the factchecker)
Lexy Links
Television Without Pity Smallville
TWoP Forums Smallville
The Smallville GAYLE Awards
Deb Chan's Screen grabs
The Smallville Slash Archive
The Level Three Records Room
Welcome to LexSlash
Welcome to Elrond's Isle
Smallville Fanfiction by Henry Jones Jr.


The Chakotay/Paris Writers' Support Group
Welcome to Helmboy's Slash Page!
Joanne's Fiction Page
Alt.StarTrek.Creative Official Fiction Archive - Star Trek fan / slash fiction
The Paris/Kim Slash Party
Britta's Slash Page
The Campus of TrekSmut University
Nienna's Site
Chakotay/Paris Slash Ring
Welcome To Myfanwe's Den
Tommyhawk's C/P Slash Page
Tom Paris Dorm
Paris Nights
Particle 7even
Welcome to the P/7 Collective
C/P Links
Voyager Angst Archive
Janeway's Tom Yum Page
Athea's work
The Champagne Glass
DangerMom's Home Page Mark II
Protective!Chakotay Club
jenn's stories

My Sites

Home of Miss Emma Watson
Syreen Info
Ped's Ares (a ka Kevin Smith) Page
TOA Stories
Ped's Con Sites
Karl Urban Page
Temple of Ares Cards
FoLCs Page
OctoberCons - Home of the Smithsonian October Cons!
Read with One Eye Open... Warning page
Photobucket Album - the_ped
A Midnight Reflection -


Yarn Lover's Room = knitting Patterns,crochet patterns,free knitting and crochet
Crochet Guild Of America welcomes crocheters
Coats & Clark
Lion Brand Yarn Web Site
Caron International Yarn
Just Yarn - An online yarn store.
Patons Yarns
Bernat Thread Products
Lily Thread (Sugar and Cream)
DIY Crafts - DIY Network


eBay - Your Personal Trading Community
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Buffy/Angel Sites

The Buffy Cross & Stake
An Angel's Soul
City of Angel
Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Splash
FANDOM - Buffy: Raven's Realm - Home Page
The Slayer Show
Sonja Marie's Buffy the Vampire Slayer Links The Official Bailey Chase Website
A Willow and Graham Shipper Site
Psyche: Transcripts & FanFiction
Demons, Demons, Demons
The Cover of the Dictionary


Roll Call: The Minor Crewmembers of Voyager - Index
DELTA BLUES - Jim Wright's Voyager Reviews
Robert Duncan McNeill Fan Club
The Official Robert Beltran Fan Site
Star Trek in Sound and Vision
STARTREK.COM:The Official Star Trek Web Site!


The Adventures Begin
Ares...God of...Love?
FyrFox's Priestess Resource Page
Kevin Smith Online!!!
Kiari's Kevin Smith Corner
kriket's place!
Sura's Home Page
Xena/Hercules Hunk Page
Zepgirl's Kevin Smith Page: Index
Angel's Cloud
Vannus' Image of Ares
Fantasy Portraits by Sophia Kelly Shultz
Welcome to the Unicorn_Queen's Lair
Welcome to the Royal Court of Corinth!
Aresian Fields
The Bards Band Homepage
Kevin Smith a True Star


TV : Current Sci-Fi TV : Temple of Ares 12
Temple of Cupid
The Temple of Ares Warlord Gallery
TV, Current Sci-Fi TV: Outlaw Land- revisited!:>
TV : Current Sci-Fi TV : X:WP Dreamscape3
TV, Current Sci-Fi TV: Temple of Cupid 3
TV, Current Sci-Fi TV: X:WP Pranks and Fantasies
TV, Current Sci-Fi TV: Temple Of Ares -- Guest Wing 2
TV : Current Sci-Fi TV : X:The Underworld
Entry Page for Outlaw Land Gallery


Multi-Media pages

Arachne's Cave: The Hercules:TLJ and Xena:WP Character Unofficial Magazine Cover Web Site
WarriorHaze -- Xena Soundclips -- wav, mp3, and realaudio!
Angie's Cure for *XWS*
Xena: Warrior Princess - Ryan Black's Unofficial Web-Site
Logomancy's XENA Pages
Unicorn Press
Dreamer's Montages index
Dan's Xena Shack
Michelle's Xena Picture Library
Kindred's Xena Scans page
Xory's X:WP page
Irulan's Episode Capture Page
Aida's X:WP
ROCfanatic's Xena Page
Eric's Xena Wallpapers
Shimmer's Gabby & Xena Gallery
Kitt's Home Page
Iolaus - The God of Handsome!
Mikes Xena Wallpapers

Specific Character/Actors

Dean O'Gorman by TheRose
Joel Tobeck International Fan Club
Strife Rocks! A Page ABout Strife & Joel Tobeck
Kiari's Erik Thomson Corner
Miltiades' Joxerverse
Caesar's Palace: The unofficial site of Karl Urban
Club Ted -
Dean Oooh!

"Broad Canvas" Pages

Tom's Xena Page
XENA ONLINE RESOURCES: Xena/Hercules Links, List (Main Page)
Andrew's Xenaverse
Lala's XWP Episode Reviews
The Enchanted Villa: Hercules Alcove

The Xena Ad Rotation: Index
Hercules Links
Hercules After Dark
Apollena's Hercules/Xena Fan Page
Temple of the Gods
Hooked on Hercules!
The Official Xena and Hercules Online Store
Xena Online Resources (XOR)

Fonts & Graphics


ArtToday Members Site
Absolute Background Textures Archive: 2800+ Free Tiling Background Textures
A+B+C GRAPHICS -- We Have Backgrounds, Textures, 3d Balls and Page Dividers and More!
Clipart Castle
Magoo's Fantasy Art
Texture Land
Wallpaper Backgrounds
The Goddess Art of Jonathon Earl Bowser

Filters & Tubes

Thumbnails of Greg Schorno's Filters (2)
Skeldale House Treasures
Simple Filters Page - Plugins for Photoshop and Paint shop Pro
PC Resources for Photoshop - Plug-Ins - FF Galleries & Collections


Astigmatic One Eye Font Foundry Main Menu
Kyl's Medieval and Fantasy Fonts
Wendy's Wonderland Font Page!
Fontessa Fonts & Dingbats
Fonts and Art from the Scriptorium
The Fontpool
The Font Station
LJ Fontaddicts


PSP Tutorial Links
WDVL: The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Web Technology
Paint Shop Pro Web Graphics
State of Entropy
Frank's Guide to Paintshop Pro Tips & Tutorials
Paint Shop Pro Tutorials
Web Graphics on a Budget - Paint Shop Pro Tips & Tricks
Paint Shop Pro Tutorials
Film Strip Border
NavWorks: Customizable Interfaces

PSP resources

5th Street Studio
Paint Shop Pro Users Group - Online Community
R e s o u r c e s
Jaguarwoman's Resources
Rudolph Reindeer


Your Quota
CSUS Personal Web Pages
Tripod: Member Log In
GeoCities Tools: File Manager
Internet Movie Database
BUILDER.COM - Voices - Charity Kahn - The mighty Mouseover machine - 1/28/98
Welcome to MapQuest: Driving Directions, Maps, and Live Traffic Reports.
Time Zone Converter - time conversion
Portrait Illustration Maker
Cut & Paste Word Count
Playbill: Home Page
Famous Quotes and Quotations at BrainyQuote
Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The PC Decrapifier


Wav Central: The Premiere Sound Site
Official Bruce Campbell Sound Library - Free wavs, midis, au files and more!
The Daily .WAV
I ::Heart:: WAVs

Kewl Schtuff - The Daily Online Comic
Welcome to Comic-Con International: San Diego!
Smartasses Online
Machine Werks @ CSUS
The History Channel
Personalized Insults
The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5
The Gargoyles Encyclopedia
The Webtender: An On-Line Bartender
Virtual Chocolate - Mouthwatering Chocolate Images - Internet Like Burning.
Rune Meanings - The Elder Futhark
Oh My Gods!
Peter's Evil Overlord List
If I Were the Evil Overlord...
The Barrow-Downs
Lord of the Rings
Snowball Game
Ian's Shoelace Site - Introduction
Place The State - Intermediate
Famous Quotes of Wisdom: Miscellaneous - Your Guide To The Gods. Mythology with a twist!
WLTX News 19 Police: Oiled Suspect Attacks Officers
The 213 Things Skippy Is No Longer Allowed To Do In The U.S. Army
Warning Label Generator
WebSmurfer: When you smurf, what do you smurf about?


Christmas Carols Music Midis and WAVS! Music Box - We Wish You A Merry Christmas!
Christmas Carols Song Lyrics Page-Merry Christmas from the Leal Family - Your lyrics engine on the internet!
A-Z Lyrics Universe